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by Jaja

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Autumn Amelia Sinclaire
Autumn Amelia Sinclaire thumbnail
Autumn Amelia Sinclaire I am astounded. This release grips and enthralls me in a purity of sound. I am simply lost in her works, and I could not be more at peace. This is as inspiring as it is beautiful. Thus far, as I slowly travel into the world of ambient music, I find myself unable to move on from certain artists, Jaja being one of those composers who grips her listeners with a sense of passion unseen in much of the genre. Thank you for sharing this world with us. ~ A.
Brian Bourassa
Brian Bourassa thumbnail
Brian Bourassa Simply an outstanding release by one of the few female ambient artists I've come across. It resonates with a myriad of emotions in a wonderfully abstract way.

If you were to step outside in the very early AM hours when the moon is absent, and gaze up at the stars you would find wonder, awe, surprise, curiosity and reflection in great proportions. This is what this recording accomplishes.

Beautiful beyond measure.
Christopher Sisk
Christopher Sisk thumbnail
Christopher Sisk A beautiful collection of music that feels both dense and sparse at the same time. Favorite track: Starbeam.
Niair Kasjchq
Niair Kasjchq thumbnail
Niair Kasjchq This is an EP that last almost twice the average length of an LP. It feels like each note of piano here is describing one star, with not one single star in the universe being skipped. In the end you can feel the wholeness and be in harmony with it. Favorite track: Stargazer.
Stargazer 20:30
Starbeam 19:17
Starway 15:40
Starlit 17:31


And in the stars we see, the stars have a silver golden light, within the stars passing by, under the ancient stars lightening us.

This music was written in late nights in 2014 on exclusive hardware gear: Roland JD-800, TC Electronic M-One XL, Akai EIE-Pro, Soundcraft EPM 12. The music on this album is tuned to 427,5 Hz.


released July 13, 2014


Music by Jana Rockstroh
Cover art by Stan K. Yeatts





music of the stars

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